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Items that we sharpen



We sharpen a wide range of knives including but not limited to; Chefs Knives, Serrated Knives, Butchers Knives and much more.


We sharpen a range of scissors including but not limited to; Dress Making, Fabric, Hair Dressing, Grooming and much more. 


Clipper Blades

With our state of the art machines we can ensure that your clippers are cutting better than ever! 

Surgical & Medical Equipment

We understand the importance of having the sharpest tools available for the procedures you undertake, with this in mind we ensure you always have the sharpest items at your ready!

Building & Gardening Tools

We can put the sharpest edge to make your jobs as simple as they should be, we sharpen a variety of different tools such as; Gardening Shears, Axes, Circular Saws, Chisels, Drill Bits and much more!

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